What are the criteria for choosing a 3d printer ?

3D printers have become one of the most widely used tools in business today. Very practical and economical, it allows companies to achieve very large tasks in a short period of time. Given the different models of this device that exist on the market, it is important to make a better choice. Here are some of the main criteria you should consider in the rest of this article.

The printing plate

The first criterion is to take into account the print tray of the 3 d printer you are considering.  This is the tool that supports the object you want to create during the printing process.  Often this tool is very hot depending on the type of filament used. The role of the print tray is to prevent warping.  Finally, note that the size of your print object is dependent on the width of the platen.

The print head

Another essential criterion is the print head of your future printer.  This element consists of a heating element, a reduction nozzle and also a fan.

The printer’s extruder

Some printers have a single extruder while others have a double extruder.  When you choose a single extruder printer, you only have the option of printing in one colour.  With the dual extruder model, you can make increasingly complex objects.  However, dual extruder models are difficult to set up.

Printing speed

Obviously, printers do not have the same printing speeds.  ¨For this, you need to see the printer’s label regarding its print speed or build speed. This is expressed in m/second.   It is good to know that the print speed varies according to the resolution of the printer.


Finally, you should consider the resolution of your future printer. This factor takes into account the thickness of each layer of filament deposited.

Beyond these criteria, certain accessories are necessary for the proper functioning of a 3-D printer.