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What are the basics to become a web developer ?

The profession of web developer is constantly evolving and therefore requires mastering different tools. Do you want to know the basic tools to get into web development? Here are the main basic tools you need to master before you can become a web developer.


HTML is the first thing to learn when you want to become a developer. It is a markup language used to create web pages.  It is used to decode web pages and is what browsers use to perform a specific task. When starting out in HTML, you will be familiar with HTML tags. They are used to mark important elements on a page. These elements will allow search engines to notice a web page among many others. Note that from one browser to another, the HTML language will differ.


CSS is one of the basic programming tools used to style HTML elements. This can be font colour, columnar text, rounded edges, etc. CSS is generally the most malleable of them all, but it can sometimes be as complex as HTML. So you’ll have to give it your all to master it quickly. Also, note that without a complete mastery of HTML, you will not know how to use CSS.


JavaScript concerns interactions with the page. With it, you can add a button or use a resource for example. When a web page has 3D or 2D animations, JavaScript is sure to be present. It is also used to create dynamic content and to organise the control of all animations on a web page. To get started, you will need to master HTML, CSS and some computer science requirements.

So, for you to qualify to become a web developer, you need to master HTML to add markup to your texts, CSS to beautify and JavaScript for more dynamism.