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What are the advantages of using 3D printing ?

3D printing, also known as additive printing, is a manufacturing process. Its particularity lies in the addition of material. This is in contrast to the machining technique, which involves removing material. In this article, you will briefly discover why you should use 3D printing.

The usefulness of 3D printing

3D printing is useful for the production of usual objects such as prototypes for testing. It also allows you to make spare parts. This process starts with a computer file that represents the object in three sizes. The sizes of the file, broken down into slices, are sent to a 3D printer. The role of the printer is to add other materials to the initial object. This is how your object is created.

The 3D printer metamorphoses to remain in constant evolution. The perfection it achieves is present on the supports used (metals, waxes, plastics etc.). It makes your creations more subtle, contrasts their colours and restores them with the desired dimension of the objects made. You may not believe it, houses have been made in 24 hours using 3D printers. These are feats that are basically achieved by giant 3D printers. This kind of realization is done by contour crafting, a process. 

How to use a 3D printer?

The old-fashioned way of doing things frees you from the clutter of cables. You can connect your printer to any device with a suitable connection. After plugging the printer into a power outlet, insert the ink or toner cartridges. You can connect it via a wireless or wifi connection. Make sure that the settings are correct and the devices are connected.

Now select the file you wish to print. The file will appear on the screen of your computer or tablet. Use the Ctrl and P keys on your keyboard at the same time.  The print contextual menu will then appear and you choose your printer. Finally, press the ‘print’ button to complete the job.

The advantages of the 3D printer are diverse and it is not regrettable to use it.