What are the advantages of the box pro ?

The box pro appears to be a recent version of the free box pro. This version stands out from the first ones while encompassing new technology. Most companies and private individuals are thus able to experience the power of the box pro for themselves. What are the advantages of such equipment? This article will tell you more.

The unbeatable price

The new box pro equipment focuses its offers on the emergence and price of such a tool. Thus, the subscription to such equipment is limited to €49.99 per month and this without any commitment. In addition, it is available at €39.99 per month for the first year of use. With such a price, you as a user have the possibility to benefit from speeds of 7 Gb/s for reception and 1 Gb/s for transmission.

The proposal of satisfactory packages

For such equipment, satisfactory packages are offered in addition to competitive prices. Hold on to your hats. This communications giant offers mobile pro packages. It offers a package for €9.99 per month. This is a rate that meets the user’s expectations. It is accessible and applicable to every type of subscription. The box pro provides the user with unlimited call packages for telephone calls.

There is a team available on the site of the operator of this equipment that will be able to respond to the concerns of users in order to offer them satisfactory answers. They also respond to the needs of professionals in terms of operational offers.

Considerable storage

The pro box has a remarkable storage capacity that meets the needs of users. Indeed, this equipment includes a 1TB hard disk allowing users to add another one in order to configure the whole in RAID 1. The operator of this equipment also offers a cloud service. The latter has the capacity to synchronise around 200 GB of data. This is one of the particular advantages of Box pro.